Investigate Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction with Commission of Inquiry

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  1. Stephen Menadue February 4, 2019

    Has there ever been an underwater search of the area? Would a body dumped in the Derwent stay in situ or would it drift elsewhere. Do the currents of the Derwent push jetsam to another particular part of the Derwent.

    • Louise Banks March 20, 2019

      The Four winds was a long Keel Yacht, meaning its moored location has it on the edge of a deep under water channel that travels from the Derwent river out past Bruny Island to the Antarctica. Any search of the area would have proved useless as Bob’s body would have travel along it and could have ended up anywhere.

      • Alistair May 14, 2021

        Bodies float after about 3-4 days in the derwentriver in Tasmania The bacteria in the small and large intestine especially create gas and the body floats. Can be sunk with weights – I dispute a fire-extinguisher – and then it wont travel far. No. Bobs body was removed from the boat and driven away. Nothing to do with Sue. In fact there is zero way a person on their own could get Bobs body up and off that yacht. Take minimum 2 but preferably 4 people to handle such a weight and the yacht on water with bobbing and moving dinghy alongside. The Police just became fixated on Sue and did not look at the reality unfortunately. So the evidence gets missed and time hides the truth

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