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Reported Missing: A True Story of Family and Murder

by Eleri Harris

Part One: The Disappearance

Part Two: The Lie

Part Three: The Arrest

Part Four: Bob and Sue

Part Five: The Conviction

Part Six: Reasonable Doubt

Part Seven: The Aftermath


Mar 06  ABC NEWS 'Mouse at the mercy': Sue Neill-Fraser pens artwork from prison

Mar 04  ABC NEWS Sue Neill-Fraser's fate still to be decided after appeal against murder conviction wraps early

Mar 03  Wrongful Convictions Report Vass testimony & the courtroom war over DNA

Mar 03  Daily Telegraph - Video Neill-Fraser must be cleared: daughter

Mar 03  Herald Sun - Video Sue Neill-Fraser’s daughter speaks

Mar 03  ABC NEWS Susan Neill-Fraser murder appeal moves to closing arguments after DNA expert witness dropped by prosecutor

Mar 03  The Advocate Sue Neill-Fraser's defense team points its final case to court on third day of hearings

Mar 03  The Mercury Day 3 of the Sue Neill-Fraser murder appeal hearing


Mar 03  The Mercury Truth elusive in Sue Neill-Fraser case that twists and turns

Mar 02  ABC NEWS Key witness in Susan Neill-Fraser murder appeal recants evidence

Mar 02  The Guardian Key witness in Susan Neill-Fraser’s murder conviction appeal recants her evidence

Mar 02  The Guardian Crucial witness gives evidence in Susan Neill-Fraser's appeal against murder conviction

Mar 02  ABC NEWS Meghan Vass tells court she was present on Bob Chappell's yacht the night he disappeared

Mar 02  The Advocate Key witness Meaghan Vass abandons testimony in Sue Neill-Fraser's appeal hearing

Mar 02  Wrongful Convictions Report Meaghan Vass evidence unreliable focus on dna

Mar 01  The Guardian Susan Neill-Fraser's appeal against murder conviction begins in Hobart today

Mar 01  Wrongful Convictions Report Sue Neill-Fraser was not at crime scene

Feb 28  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser's high-profile second appeal bid begins ...

Feb 28  ABC News Susan Neill-Fraser's appeal against her conviction for murdering Bob Chappell could go one of three ways

Feb 24  7news Final preparations in Neill-Fraser appeal

Feb 24  Newdaily Final preparations begin to hear ‘fresh and compelling’ evidence at Susan Neill-Fraser appeal

Feb 22  The Canberra Times Sue Neill-Fraser's supporters mark 12 years since Bob ...

Jan 23  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser's supporters mark 12 years since Bob ...
Sue Neill-Fraser's supporters mark 12 years since Bob Chappell's disappearance. 

Jan 22  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser writes letter from prison ahead of appeal ...

Jan 16  The Mercury Will Sue Neill-Fraser be granted parole despite not admitting …
In just over 18 months, convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser could be ...


Dec 19  The Mercury Supporters say they want authorities to know Sue Neill-Fraser ...
Sue Neill-Frasers supporters will be fighting for an independent judicial inquiry, or royal…

Oct 07  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser's murder appeal hearing adjourned until ...
Sue Neill-Fraser to spend 12th Christmas in jail after murder appeal officially delayed until March 2021.

Aug 20  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser's supporters hold vigil in Hobart after 11 ...
Sue Neill-Fraser's August appeal hearing won't happen after all…

Jul 03  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser's August appeal hearing looking unlikely to ...
Sue Neill-Fraser has suffered another potential setback as she fights to overturn her murder conviction. Heres why.

Jun 20  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser murder appeal likely to begin in August
Sue Neill-Fraser, who has spent nearly 11 years in jail for murdering ...

Apr 07  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser’s second bid for freedom to focus on homeless girl

Jan 31  The Examiner Susan Neill-Fraser's second appeal delayed until at least August


Dec 13  7HOFM Hobart Slow-go for Neill-Fraser's appeal

Dec 13  ABC NEWS Sue Neill-Fraser faces two-month delay for appeal hearing over Bob Chappell murder conviction

Nov 12  The Mercury Judge orders footage of television interview
The Supreme Court has ordered the Nine Network to provide to the court unedited footage and a transcript of an interview with a witness as part of Susan Neill-Fraser’s appeal against her murder conviction.

Aug 28  The Mercury Neill-Fraser appeal another step closer
Susan Neill-Fraser has appeared in court via video link and found out the possible starting date of her appeal against her murder conviction.

Aug 2  7 NEWS Sue Neill-Fraser lodges appeal over conviction for Hobart yacht murder of partner Bob Chappell in 2009

Aug 2  ABC NEWS Convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser lodges notice to appeal jailing over death of Bob Chappell

Aug 2  The Examiner Convicted murderer Susan Neill-Fraser files for second appeal in the Supreme Court of Tasmania

Aug 1  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser's appeal lodged: 'Fresh and compelling evidence' in the Supreme Court of Tasmania

Mar 22  The Guardian Susan Neill-Fraser begins ‘long journey' to appeal against 2009 murder conviction

Mar 21  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser: Murder conviction appeal application

Mar 21  7 NEWS Sue Neill-Fraser allowed to appeal her conviction

Mar 21  ABC NEWS Sue Neill-Fraser's bid to appeal her murder conviction has been successful — what happens next?

Apr 10  The Examiner Lawyer accused of attempting to influence Susan Neill-Fraser appeal bid

Apr 10  The Advocate Lawyer accused of attempting to influence Susan Neill-Fraser appeal bid

Mar 22  The Guardian Susan Neill-Fraser begins ‘long journey' to appeal against 2009 murder conviction

Mar 22  TV Tonight Appeal granted following Undercurrent doco

Mar 22  The Mercury Convicted killer Susan Neill-Fraser wins new appeal bid

Mar 22  The New Daily Susan Neill-Fraser wins right to appeal against conviction for murder of partner Bob Chappell

Mar 21  7 News

Mar 21  ABC Convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser set to learn outcome of appeal bid

Mar 21  The Advocate Susan Neill-Fraser granted a second and final appeal against murder conviction

Mar 21  ABC Sue Neill-Fraser wins right to appeal conviction for murder of partner Bob Chappell

Mar 21  Sydney Morning Herald Death on the Derwent: Convicted yacht killer wins her right to appeal

Mar 21  9 News Sue Neill-Fraser wins right to appeal conviction for murder of husband

Mar 21  The Australian Susan Neill-Fraser granted murder appeal

Mar 21  The Mercury Justice Brett’s judgment in Sue Neill-Fraser murder case appeal application

Mar 21  The Australian Convicted Hobart killer granted appeal due to ‘fresh and compelling evidence’

Mar 21  The Mercury What it was like inside Hobart Supreme Court as Sue Neill-Fraser appeal decision delivered

Mar 21  The Examiner Judgment to be delivered on Susan Neill-Fraser's last appeal attempt

Mar 21  The Mercury Key dates in the decade-long Susan Neill-Fraser case

Mar 21 Sue Neill-Fraser wins right to appeal conviction for murder of partner

Mar 21  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser appeal application: Live coverage of murder conviction case

Mar 20  The Examiner Judgment date in Neill-Fraser freedom bid

Mar 20  The Mercury Decision imminent in Sue Neill-Fraser’s application to appeal murder conviction

Mar 14  The Examiner New affidavits will be considered in Susan Neill-Fraser's appeal

Mar 14  The Mercury More evidence to be received on Susan Neill-Fraser’s application to appeal her murder conviction

Mar 13  The Examiner Lawyer allegedly perverted justice in Susan Neill-Fraser appeal

Mar 11  The Australian Drifter’s ‘partner killed yachtie’

Mar 11  The Examiner Susan Neill-Fraser segment about conviction not aired in Tasmania

Mar 11  Spectator Australia Death on the Derwent: a new witness cries foul

Mar 11  Daily Mail 'I saw a lot of blood': Witness breaks 10-year silence over killing of Bob Chappell and her remarkable testimony could exonerate his wife of his murder

Mar 11  MSN 'I saw a lot of blood': Witness breaks 10-year silence over killing of Bob Chappell and her remarkable testimony could exonerate his wife of his murder

Mar 10  9 News Exclusive: Bob Chappell murder witness claims innocent woman is in prison

Mar 10  9 News 60 Minutes: New testimony could see Sue Neill-Fraser’s murder conviction overturned

Mar 10  MaMaMia Sue Neill-Fraser was jailed for her partner's yacht murder. Now, a new witness could free her.

Mar 9  Herald Sun Tell-all witness comes forward in luxury yacht murder mystery

Mar 7  Mercury Uncertainty surrounds whether a 60 Minutes interview regarding a decade-old Bob Chappell murder case will air in Tasmania

Mar 7  The Canberra Times Controversial balloon brings back bad memories

Feb 17  The Sydney Morning Herald Top TV picks for Wednesday, February 20: Rosehaven, Undercurrent, Inside Cadbury

Feb 16  The Australian Killer Susan Neill-Fraser ‘offered rewards’ for exit

Feb 7  The Mercury Neill-Fraser waiting on judge to decide if her last-ditch appeal will be allowed to go ahead

Feb 6  The Examiner New witness testimony in Susan Neill-Fraser's appeal is being considered by Justice Michael Brett

Feb 6  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser appeal: Final witness quizzed over dealings with underworld figures

Feb 5  The Examiner Susan Neill-Fraser appeal calls new witness

Feb 5  9 News Ex-cop grilled in Tas killer's appeal

Feb 5  The Australian Ex-cop denies ‘pressuring drug addict’ for statement to pardon convicted killer

Jan 30  The Age What's on TV: Wednesday, February 6

Jan 30  The New Daily Ten fresh TV shows worth tuning into in February

Jan 30  9 News Shock new claims over woman's 'tragic' murder conviction

Jan 30  Tasmanian Times Does perverted justice prevail in Australia’s deep south?


Jan 29  TV Tonight Airdate: Undercurrent

Jan 28  ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser murder case prompts demand for royal commission into Tasmanian justice system

Jan 28  The Mercury Attorney-General Elise Archer rejects call for Royal Commission into the Tasmanian justice system in light of the Susan Neill-Fraser case

Jan 28  The Mercury Susan Neill-Fraser witness handed 12-month jail sentence for perverting the course of justice

Jan 26  Tasmanian Times Letter to Elise Archer on justice …

Jan 22  WHO A new true crime documentary is coming to Channel Seven


Dec 26 Wrongful Convictions Report Journalists, authors, filmmakers hunt the truth in Sue Neill-Fraser case

Dec 24 Wrongful Convictions Report Colin McLaren searches, finds, tells

Dec 3 Wrongful Convictions Report Sue Neill-Fraser – the ‘bias’ in my reporting

Sep 22 Wrongful Convictions Report Murder by the Prosecution – first book review

Sep 19 Wrongful Convictions Report Sue Neill-Fraser – questions, questions, questions …

Sep 13 Wrongful Convictions Report Former Premier & AG calls for Criminal Cases Review Commission

Sep 11 The Mercury Susan Neill-Fraser appeal to hear from key witness via video link

Sep 9 Wrongful Convictions Report Murder by the Prosecution launched in Hobart

Sep 9 Hobart Mercury Convicted killer's fight for freedom

Sep 9 The Mercury The chilling moment mum was arrested for murder

Sep 9 Sunday Tasmanian - Mercury click here

Sep 4 Hobart Mercury Do not tamper with legal process

Sep 1 Hobart Mercury One more chance

Sep 1 The Australian Neill-Fraser murder appeal bid reopened to hear from ex-cop

Aug 31 The Advocate Sue-Neill Fraser murder appeal awaits pivotal witness

Aug 31 The Examiner Sue-Neill Fraser murder appeal awaits pivotal witness

Aug 31 The Mercury Witness key to Neill-Fraser’s freedom hopes

Aug 28 Tasmanian Times Murder by the Prosecution book launch

Aug 24 The Australian DNA a ‘game changer’ in yacht murder case

Aug 23 Hobart Mercury Cops have SNF prison tapes

Aug 23 The Sydney Morning Herald Death on the Derwent: Ex-cop dictated witness statement, court learns

Aug 23 Port Stephens Examiner DNA crucial in Tas killer's freedom bid

Aug 23 The Mercury Murder trial jury was misled, court told

Aug 23 The Advocate Video evidence queried in Neill-Fraser’s appeal against sentence

Aug 23 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser appeal: Fresh evidence hinges on interpretation of DNA evidence, lawyers say

Aug 23 The Australian New DNA evidence in Susan Neill Fraser murder appeal a game changer

Aug 22 ABC News Susan Neill-Fraser murder appeal: Judge says he has no power to order requested tests

Aug 22 The Mercury Recordings used as evidence to deny appeal

Aug 22 The Examiner Neill-Fraser appeal: Police detail secret prison recordings

Aug 21 Hobart Mercury Yachtie killer's appeal back on

Aug 20 The Mercury Convicted killer heading back to court

Aug 18 The Examiner Murder case end looming

Aug 18 The Examiner The killing of Bob Chappell: End in sight for Neill-Fraser case

Aug 17 The Advocate The killing of Bob Chappell: End in sight for Neill-Fraser case

Jul 30 The Examiner Sue Neill-Fraser murder appeal set to conclude in August

Jul 24 Hobart Mercury Charges questioned [Jeffrey Thompson]

Jun 13 Hobart Mercury Lawyers spar over video

Jun 7 Hobart Mercury 'Duped' witness jailed

Jun 7 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser murder appeal witness sentenced for perverting the course of justice

Jun 6 The Advocate Neill-Fraser witness ‘duped’ to mislead court, cops jail time

Jun 6 Wrongful Convictions Report State of Tasmania v Stephen John Gleeson

May 5 Hobart Mercury Neill-Fraser witness case adjourned

Mar 26 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser murder case: Man pleads guilty to perverting course of justice over his evidence

Mar 23 The Australian Hobart murder appeal witness ‘duped'

Mar 10 Herald Sun Andrew Rule: Twists in the tale of Bob Chappell murder mystery

Mar 9 Tasmanian Times Sue-Neill Fraser’s final appeal case heard in Hobart Supreme Court

Mar 9 Australian No blood in murder victim Bob Chappell’s dinghy, Susan Neill-Fraser hearing told

Mar 9 The Mercury Susan Neill-Fraser’s daughter Susan Bowles buoyed by evidence presented in the convicted murderer’s last-ditch appeal

Mar 8 Examiner Sue-Neill Fraser's final appeal case heard in Hobart Supreme Court

Mar 8 The Mercury DPP Daryl Coates lodges complaint against former Sue Neill-Fraser lawyer Barbara Etter

Feb 21 The Mercury New evidence leads to Neill-Fraser delay

Feb 21 The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser defence says it needs more time to consider new police information

Feb 21 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser murder appeal: Police reveal new recordings and witnesses, delaying case

Feb 21 The Australian New 'extremely significant' evidence in Neill-Fraser case - The Australian

Feb 15 The Mercury Susan Neill-Fraser witness Stephen John Gleeson changes plea to not guilty on false evidence charge

Feb 6 The Australian Witness who admits false evidence refuses lawyer

Feb  5 The Australian Man says no to lawyer in Neill-Fraser case

Jan 20 The Australian Murder appeal witness lied in affidavit

Jan 19 The Australian Susan Neill-Fraser case: Man pleads guilty over perverting the course of justice

Jan 19 The Bulletin A witness in the Susan Neill-Fraser case has pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice

Jan 17 The Australian New charge in perverting justice probe

Jan 6 The Mercury Bikies, murders and alleged fraud

Jan 6 Spectator Australia GUILTY


The Age Death on the Derwent: Who's who

Dec 10 Herald Sun Sue NeillFraser appeal: Ill winds blow in Bob Chappell luxury yacht murder mystery

Dec 9 The Mercury Legal supporters complain to Integrity Commission over investigation into murder case

Dec 7 Herald Sun Bob Chappell murder: Top cop says street kid was at crime scene aboard luxury yacht Four Winds

Dec 1 Civil Liberties Australia Sue Neill-Fraser ‘trial’ doesn’t stage very well

Nov 27 TV Tonight CJZ in raid on true crime series

Nov 27 The Australian Police raid TV firm, take Seven murder series footage

Nov 20 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser on hunger strike amid claims of bullying within Risdon prison

Nov 20 MSN Sue Neill-Fraser on hunger strike amid claims of bullying within Risdon prison

Nov 20 The Australian Neill-Fraser hunger strike after medium security shift

Nov 20 The Mercury Susan NeillFraser moved to medium security, begins hunger strike

Nov 4 The Mercury Convicted killer challenges guilty verdict through never before used ‘fresh and compelling’ appeal laws

Nov 4 Pursue Democracy Sue Neill-Fraser’s final appeal – Part 1

Nov 4 The Australian High drama engulfs Susan Neill-Fraser’s yacht murder appeal

Nov 3 NT News Convicted killer challenges guilty verdict through never before used ‘fresh and compelling’ appeal laws

Nov 2 The Examiner Paul Wroe, key witness in Susan Neill-Fraser's last-ditch appeal, grilled by defence

Nov 1 ABC News Neill-Fraser: Witness accused of being a serial killer denies being aboard Four Winds with Bob Chappell

Nov 1 The Mercury ‘Gamechanging’ evidence next year as Sue NeillFraser’s appeal against her murder conviction adjourned

Nov 1 The Mercury Witness Paul Wroe denies ever meeting Susan NeillFraser or Bob Chappell

Nov 1 The Australian Susan NeillFraser: Seafarer denies involvement in Bob Chappell murder

Oct 31 The Examiner Convicted killer Susan Neill-Fraser launches last-ditch appeal

Oct 31 The Courier Convicted killer Susan Neill-Fraser launches last-ditch appeal

Oct 31 The Examiner Susan Neill-Fraser appeal: Homeless girl's DNA possibly transferred to boat

Oct 31 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser: Freshness of forensic DNA evidence questioned by prosecutor

Oct 31 DNA scrutinised in Tas murder appeal

Oct 31 The Border Mail Convicted killer Susan Neill-Fraser launches last-ditch appeal

Oct 31 The Mercury Accused to have his say in court

Oct 30 The Mercury Neill-Fraser returns to court

Oct 30 The Advocate Convicted killer Susan Neill-Fraser launches last-ditch appeal

Oct 30 Tasmanian Time An Inconvenient Woman: a review of the play finishing in Hobart this Saturday

Oct 30 The Herald Sun Dramatic opening scenes on opening day of Sue NeillFraser murder appeal

Oct 30 Townsville Bulletin NeillFraser’s last ditch appeal against murder conviction returns to court today

Oct 30 The Australian Susan Neill-Fraser witness tells court of threat

Oct 30 The Australian Partner guilty of killing our dad

Oct 30 The Australian Family ‘confident’ of guilt in Hobart yacht murder mystery

Oct 30 The Sydney Morning Herald Death on the Derwent: Trio 'came out of nowhere, on a dinghy', man tells court

Oct 30 ABC News Susan Neill-Fraser: The killing of Bob Chappell and the 'Justice For Sue' campaign to free convicted murderer

Oct 30 9 News Key Tas murder appeal witness admits lying

Oct 30 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser appeal: Key witness says she made a false statement out of fear

Oct 30 The Mercury Dramatic opening scenes on opening day of Sue NeillFraser murder appeal

Oct 29 Tasmanian Times An Inconvenient Woman: a review ...

Oct 25 Arts Review An Inconvenient Woman

Oct 21 The Australian Neill-Fraser appeal lawyers weigh contempt claim against police

Oct 21 The Mercury TasWeekend: High drama on the theatre stage

Oct 19 The Mercury Review of play, 'An Inconvenient Woman’

Oct 19 ABC Radio Leon Compton interviewed lead actor & director of the play "An Inconvenient Woman" starting at 1:15:20

Oct 17 ABC News Susan Neill-Fraser murder case subject of new play An Inconvenient Woman

Oct 27 The Mercury Hobart lawyer Jeffrey Ian Thompson pleads not guilty to perverting the course of justice over Neill-Fraser appeal

Sep 5 The Mercury New person interviewed by detectives in connection to appeal over Bob Chappell death

Sep 5 The Age Death on the Derwent: Key witness 'plans to withdraw statement, faces charges'

Sep 2 The Age ‘SNF: Top barrister handed over explosive file on murder - he didn’t foresee reaction’

Aug 28 The Mercury The appeal of Sue Neill-Fraser’s murder conviction puts the Tasmanian legal system on trial

Aug 26 The Australian Bob Chappell mystery: conspiracies collide in case that won’t die

Aug 25 The Sydney Morning Herald Death on the Derwent: in search of the truth

Aug 24 The Mercury Karen Patricia Nancy Keefe denies perverting the course of justice in relation to Neill-Fraser appeal

Aug 24 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser: Karen Keefe pleads not guilty to perverting course of justice

Aug 24 Tasmanian Times Vigil for Sue NeillFraser: eight years in jail, still no final answers

Aug 23 ABC News Susan Neill-Fraser case: Date set for last-ditch appeal over Chappell murder verdict

Aug 23 Woman accused of giving false evidence and corrupting witness in Susan Neill-Fraser murder case

Aug 23 The Sydney Morning Herald Date set for Sue Neill-Fraser murder appeal despite Tasmania Police probe

Aug 23 The Mercury Date for convicted killer Susan Neill-Fraser’s final bid for freedom

Aug 23 The Sydney Morning Herald Death on the Derwent- Secret file could prove yacht killer's innocence

Aug 19 The Mercury High-profile Queen’s Counsel Robert Richter met with Premier Will Hodgman over murder case

Aug 19 The Mercury Charles Wooley- Top barrister’s bid to revisit murder case

Aug 16 ABC News Neill-Fraser murder appeal: Police charge third person with perverting course of justice

Aug 16 Third person charged in Neill-Fraser case

Aug 16 The Mercury Third person charged with pervert justice over Sue Neill-Fraser case

Aug 16 Tasmania Talks 3rd person charged in Neill-Fraser appeal

Aug 14 The Mercury Man, 57, accused of giving false evidence in relation to Susan Neill-Fraser appeal

Aug 14 ABC News Neill-Fraser murder appeal: Second person to be charged with perverting course of justice

Aug 14 Second charge in Hobart Neill-Fraser case

Aug 11 Woman accused of giving false evidence and corrupting witness in Susan Neill-Fraser murder case

Aug 10 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser case: Woman charged with perverting the course of justice

Aug 10 Daily Telegraph Woman charged with perverting the justice in Sue Neill-Fraser case

Aug 10 The Examiner Woman charged with interfering in Neill-Fraser appeal

Jul 23 The Mercury Neill-Fraser evidence hype fails to deliver

Jul 22 The Mercury New lawyer retained by Susan Neill-Fraser as the convicted killer prepares for appeal battle

Jul 19 The Sydney Morning Herald 60 Minutes boss lashes arch-rival Sunday Night over Sue Neill-Fraser investigation

Jul 17 The Mercury New witness to testify in Neill-Fraser appeal: Sunday Night

Jul 16 New DNA evidence in bizarre Sue Neill-Fraser murder case: Sunday Night

Jul 16 Channel 7 Sunday Night The case of Susan Neill-Fraser in Hobart - transcript

Jul 16 The West Australian Could new DNA evidence clear Sue Neill-Fraser of killing her partner Bob Chapple?

Jul 16 Daily Mail 'There's no doubt in my mind that my mother is innocent': Daughter of society heiress convicted of killing her scientist lover on a luxury boat hopes new witness will clear her mum's name

Jul 16 Daily Mail Aussie grandma convicted of murder - but is she really guilty?

Jul 15 Who was on board the boat? New twist in society heiress Susan Neill-Fraser’s murder of her lover

Jun 22 The Mercury New lawyer retained by Susan Neill-Fraser as the convicted killer prepares for appeal battle

Jun 21 The Examiner Susan Blyth Neill-Fraser's murder conviction appeal hits obstacle

May 23 The Mercury Sue-Neill Fraser in court for hearing into her appeal against murder conviction

May 23 ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser case: 'Extremely strong' new evidence for appeal bid, family of murderer says

Apr 19 The Mercury Supporters revive online petition calling for inquiry into Sue Neill-Fraser’s murder conviction

Feb 5 The Mercury TasWeekend: Not all voices deserve to be heard

Feb 2 The Mercury Susan Neill-Fraser appeal closer in Bob Chappell murder case


Nov 27  Tasmanian Times Letter to the Editor on Sue Neill-FraserLetter to the Editor on Sue Neill-Fraser

Nov 27  The Mercury SPECIAL SERIES: Tasmanian case of convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser a mystery still

Nov 25   ABC News Neill-Fraser case: Bob Chappell's convicted killer gets fresh chance at freedom

Nov 22   ABC News Murderer Sue Neill-Fraser seeks to have judge removed from potential appeal

Nov 24  The Mercury Neill-Fraser appeal to go ahead in March before new judge

Nov 21  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser’s legal team in bid to have judge stand aside

Nov 13  The Mercury TasWeekend: Balancing scales of justice for Sue Neill-Fraser

Nov 8 Sue Neill-Fraser’s appeal bid adjourned for fortnight

Nov 7  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser heads to court for second freedom bid

Nov 7  The Examiner Sue Neill-Fraser makes court appearance

Oct 23   ABC radio ABC Background Briefing transcript - Is Sue Neill-Fraser Innocent? Transcript 45 mins

Oct 21   ABC News Sue Neill-Fraser: Hobart polarised by murder case as final chance court date draws closer

Sept 24  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser’s legal team lodge appeal brief in bid to have her case re-examined

Aug 26  Tasmanian Times Susan Neill-Fraser faces her 8th year in Risdon prison

Aug 20  The Mercury Vigil marks seventh anniversary of convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser’s imprisonment

Aug 18  The Mercury Susan Neill-Fraser supporters to gather to mark seven years of imprisonment

Jul 12  Tasmanian Times SMH pulls Neill-Fraser article, apologises to Tim Ellis...

May 7  Sydney Morning Herald – Good Weekend Sue Neill-Fraser and the murder that divided Tasmania

Apr 22   ABC News Sue Neil-Fraser's lawyers given three months to produce new evidence over husband's murder

Apr 22  The Examiner Convicted killer Susan Neill-Fraser uses new legislation to appeal murder conviction

Apr 22  The Mercury DPP Daryl Coates takes Sue Neill-Fraser’s appeal legal to task

Apr 19  Tasmanian Times THE SUE NEILL-FRASER CASE

Mar 28  NEW IDEA Guilty of murder, but did she do it?

Mar 26  The Mercury Crime author Robin Bowles says Susan Neill-Fraser talked her way into jail

Mar 2 ‘No body’ murder convictions prompt calls for shake up of Australia’s legal system

Feb 14  Tasweekend In troubling waters

Feb 10  The Mercury Neill-Fraser’s hitman theory

Feb 8  The Mercury Convicted murderer Susan Neill-Fraser launches new plea



Oct 18  The Canberra Times Cold case: woman's body lay in Lake Burley Griffin for 14 years

Oct 17  Pursue Democracy Seek the culprits not convictions

Sept 20  Sydney Criminal Lawyers Fact or Fiction? Errors, Evidence and the Neill-Fraser Case

Sept 13  The Mercury Daughter of Susan Neill-Fraser says her life has been a living hell

Sept 13  The Mercury My mum is not a murderer

Sept 12  Tasmanian Times The Sue Neill-Fraser Trial Transcript ...

Sept 10  The Mercury New appeal hope for convicted murderer Susan Neill-Fraser


Sept 10  Civil Liberties Australia Tassie to adopt Right to Appeal law

Sept 09  Tasmanian Times Plan to change criminal appeals law

Sept 09  The Mercury Tasmanian Attorney-General announces plan to change criminal appeals law

Sept 09  Pursue Democracy Sue Neill-Fraser – poor start to police investigation

Aug 28  Tasmania Police Response to claims made by the 60 Minutes program

Aug 27  ABC News Bob Chappell murder: Police chief rules out review despite calls to release Susan Neill-Fraser

Aug 26  The Mercury Top cop defends probe into murder of Bob Chappell

Aug 26  ABC News Susan Neill-Fraser murder conviction: Pressure mounts for review, 'new DNA' emerges

Aug 25  Tasmanian Times Sue Neill-Fraser: Two views of her guilt

Aug 25  Daily Mail 'A miscarriage of justice on the scale of Lindy Chamberlain': Family of woman jailed for murdering her partner aboard his yacht say DNA evidence must force a retrial

Aug 25  The Mercury New ‘break-in gone wrong’ theory emerges in Bob Chappell murder

Aug 25  Tasmania Police Tasmania Police statement 2 – Susan Neill-Fraser Case

Aug 25  The Examiner Police hit back over TV claims

Aug 24  60 Minutes JUSTICE OVERBOARD | REPORTER INTERVIEW with Charles Wooley

Aug 60 Minutes Justice overboard: Part Two

Aug 60 Minutes Justice overboard: Part One

Aug 24  Better Consulting Suggestions from Tasmania Police about the Vass DNA

Aug 24  Pursue Democracy Sue Neill-Fraser – new DNA report contradicts conviction

Aug 24  Better Consulting An Analysis of the Supreme Court Trial, the Court of Criminal Appeal Submissions and Decision and the High Court Application in relation to the Meaghan Vass DNA Sample

Aug 20  ABC News Bob Chappell murder: Lawyer flags 'errors' in Susan Neill-Fraser trial

Aug 01  Tasmanian Times O&A (Objections & Answers) Why should Dr Bob Moles be heard by MPs?

Jul 21  Tasmanian Times Catastrophic failure of justice system in Sue Neill-Fraser case

Jul 16  Better Consulting In Baden-Clay Scratch Marks on His Face - In Sue Neill-Fraser a 1-2 cm cut on her Thumb?

Jul 14  Tasmanian Times  It’s Time To Talk About Sue

Jul 05  The Mercury Sue Neill-Fraser launches new bid for freedom

Jun 14  The Mercury Candles burn for mercy as speakers call for probe into murder verdict without a body

Feb 21  The Examiner Neill-Fraser case

Feb 20  Pursue Democracy Sue Neill-Fraser – Manufacturing A Murder

Feb 08  The Mercury Premier's mum joins calls to re-examine Neill-Fraser murder conviction

Jan 23 - Feb 3  WHO Magazine I'M NOT GUILTY

Jan 28  Tasmanian Times CLA calls for inquiry into Neill-Fraser ‘no body’ case

Jan 26  The Mercury Susan Neill-Fraser pleads her innocence in letter to rally  

Jan 25  Tasmania Times The still unanswered questions about Bob Chappell’s disappearance

Jan 25  The Mercury Supporters of Susan Neill-Fraser vow to fight on against her murder conviction

Jan 24  The Examiner Coroner ruling: Defacto did kill Bob Chappell

Jan 11  Tasmanian Times  Protest gathering for Sue Neill-Fraser, january 25, Parliament House Lawns

Jan 06  Tasmanian Times  When Justice loses its appeal


Dec 30  The Australian  When Justice Loses Appeal 

Dec 11  Tasmanian Times Andrew Wilkie: Inquiry needed into Sue Neill-Fraser conviction

Dec 04  Tasmanian Times Australia needs a national Response to Miscarriages of Justice

Dec 03  BEtter Consulting Breaking News! Eve Ash Documentary SHADOW OF DOUBT receives AFI nomination

Nov 28  BEtter Consulting More Top Legal Minds Question the Sue Neill-Fraser Conviction

Nov 27  The Conversation Truth or lies: overturning wrongful convictions

Nov 24  BEtter Consulting Powerful Comments by Stuart Tipple on the Sue Neill-Fraser Case - Many Parallels with Chamberlain

Nov 23  Tasmanian Times, Exceptional circumstances in the Sue Neill-Fraser case


Nov 11  BEtter Consulting Chest Porter QC and Stuart Tipple of Chamberlain Fame Speak Out about the Sue Neill-Fraser case in Tasmania

Nov 11  Tasmanian Times  Justice system would be a ‘laughing stock’

Nov 7  9 News  Tas justice slammed over murder case

Nov 05  BEtter Consulting Transcript of Chester Porter QC Talk to VIP Screening of SHADOW OF DOUBT in Sydney 

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