Breaking the Rules in the Sue Neill-Fraser case


If you care about justice, integrity and honesty, and like to be sure of your facts beware of quoting this article in the HERALD SUN by Andrew Rule which can serve to infect further reports. 

Bill Rowlings – Powerful doco shows justice gone feral


Overtones of Lindy Chamberlain’, says independent reviewer Film review, by Bill Rowlings* I’ve just pre-viewed a chilling TV doco, Shadow of Doubt, about justice in Australia: a woman is serving 23 years in jail for a murder she didn’t commit: she has 19 years to go.

Mark Poole – Review Shadow of Doubt

Contributor to Screen Hub, The Age and Screen Education This story of the disappearance of Bob and the subsequent arrest and conviction of his partner Sue for murder is a fascinating tale.

Bill Rowlings, Civil Liberties Australia


Police filter the truth. Forensic science is abused. The prosecutor invents a murder weapon, and the judge agrees. A miscarriage of justice so blatant you won’t believe it possible in 21stC Australia.

Robert Richter QC


If half of what is alleged is well founded, this case requires a full judicial inquiry into the investigation and prosecution of the case. There’s no dingo, but there’s significant DNA and other evidentiary material to require answers which are not circumscribed by the adversarial and limited appellate processes.